NuitDebout: Clashes on the Sidelines of Procession Heading to the Home of Valls

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Protestors at the #NuitDebout tried to reach the house of Prime Minister Manuel Valls

As is the case every night since March 31, a “NuitDebout” was held this Saturday night in Paris, close to where the earlier demonstrations were taking place against the proposed new Labour Law.

But hundreds of participants decided at about 11pm to leave the Place de la Republique to protest at the home of the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls located on rue Keller in the eleventh district of Paris. The operation code name on Twitter : #AperochezValls.  Even if the Prime Minister is currently in Algeria for an official visit. “The police kept us from going for a drink in front of Valls. It is not there but who f …. ! “A protester said.

“Valls is in Algeria when we have problems of employment in France, while we do not know where this government is leading us. And trip him. It’s disrespectful youth, “says a young rebellious student. “We just come to tell him our displeasure and are greeted by CRS. This is not worthy of the left. But even in Algiers, he hears our rebellion. ” For one hour, the whole neighbourhood was cordoned off, the streets of the Roquette and Ledru – Rollin , with a strong police presence being deployed on site.  

To block the advance of the procession, the police used tear gas.  Garbage was burned and a small group of protesters also threw objects at the police station of the eleventh arrondissement, whose violent actions were clearly disapproved by most of the protesters.


Around 0:30am, the protesters were being dispersed and no arrests were reported.




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