Novo Nordisk will Invest 100 Million euro in Chartres

Novo Nordisk has announced an investment of 100 million euros and the creation of 250 jobs

Hollande Boasts “the attractiveness of France”

President Francois Hollande praised Thursday in Chartres “the attractiveness of France”, visiting the factory of the world leader in insulin, the Danish Novo Nordisk announced an expansion of the site opening the way to the creation of 250  jobs.

The head of state whose new motto is that “France is doing better” welcomed  the announcement by CEO Lars Rebien Sorensen from an investment of € 100 million “to respond to the global increase in demand for anti-diabetic treatment.”

“There is no greater compliment that you have sent to France when it comes to an industry in the Danish case, and that tells us what we do not always recognise, that we are an attractive country,” said Mr. Hollande, who was accompanied by Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron and Health Minister Marisol Touraine.

It has long been joked about that the fact that this was his second visit, the first in 2014, corresponding to the first investment from Novo Nordisk in France with the creation of 350 new jobs.  “If you invite me to a third visit, I’m ready. You will have to hurry to that mandate, but if you give me guarantees, I’m ready, ” he joked, causing the laughter of some 200 employees who came to hear.

He then recalled the measures implemented since his first visit,  to encourage foreign investment in France, the tax credit competitive employment, research or tax credit called the measure “overdamping” to encourage SMEs to equip immediately rather than postpone the investment.

“There are 20,000 foreign companies in France and they are employing 2 million people, while the priority I have given to the government is that we can still bring in even more foreign investments,” he adds.

President Hollande concluded his speech by quoting the latest economic indicators, notably the building that experienced in the first quarter growth of 1% after five consecutive quarters of decline, according to the Confederation of Crafts and Small Business building (Capeb) on Thursday.

“The economy, continues to improve, not as fast as we would like it,” he said, adding, “it’s going better, even if true, it will not necessarily be best for everyone.”

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