VIDEO. Mad Spree of a Deer in the Streets of Rennes

Local News
A deer was spotted racing through the centre of Rennes

The animal had to be intercepted by fire fighters …

The story of the day, no doubt. For several hours, the Rennes fire fighters ran after a deer in the streets of Rennes, that had managed to wander into the town centre.  First spotted around 12:30pm on the boulevard des Alliés à Cesson-Sévigné, the animal wandered for several hours into the centre of Rennes, before being captured by fire fighters.

“It was not easy, as it was moving quickly,” said one fire fighter who followed the operation.  Wild deer skirted the Vilaine to venture into the chic rue du Paris and Tabor area.  It was later spotted in the city centre, coming to rest on the edge of the square du général Koenig , near Colombier.  This is where the fire fighters were able to touch fire an anesthetic dart, using an air gun.

The animal was supported by fire fighters and will soon regain his freedom in the wilderness. The mystery remains about the origin of the animal, apparently wild.Because the only deer identified around Rennes live Brocéliande forest, dozens of kilometres south.

Another deer story to Saint-Malo

Ironically, fire fighters were also made near Saint-Malo for another deer story. This time, the animal had tried to cross the Rance between Saint-Malo and Dinard, before ending up in trouble. Rescued by fire fighters, he is doing well.


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