Protestors of the #NuitDebout attempting to block access to McDonalds in Nantes

Nantes: Activists of #NuitDebout Block Front of McDonalds

About fifty people sat to 8.30pm, in front of the doors of the MacDonalds of the place du Commerce in Nantes. Thursday evening, in the centre of Nantes, at about 8.30pm, fifty activists of #NuitDebout staged a sit-in protest outside the McDonalds, attempting to block access to the doors of the restuarant.  McDonalds is a symbol […]

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Nantes is a City divided today with protest scheduled for the Afternoon and a Carnival in the evening

Nantes: Divided between a Saturday Labour Law Protest and Carnival

After the recent episodes that rocked the city, the day looks delicate in Nantes. Demo against the labour law early in the day and the carnival tonight. Traders are on edge.  The Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Association City Centre have called for sanctuaries in the centre of the city after the latest protests were […]

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