Labour Law: Nearly 150 People Gathered in Nantes

Local News
!50 people gather in Nantes against the El Khomri Labour Law

After Wednesday’s demonstration, a new appointment was announced Thursday. Many more employees are joining the youth.

They met 5.30pm at the the Miroir d’eau in Nantes.  About 150 people came to express their rejection of El Khomri law, the day after a demonstration which ended in violent clashes with the police.  The first member of the public to speak was a worker of the SNCF, and a member of the CGT union, which he recalled the importance of speaking the debate of substance, “these bosses who break the world of work”, and not just thugs on the sidelines of recent demonstrations.  Attendees reiterated the call for a general strike for the 28th April.  And a further day of action by the SNCF on 26th of April. The demonstrators have not, at this time, planned to march through the centre of Nantes.

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