Migrants: The English are Installing New Fencing in Calais

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The English are installing 300 metres of fencing at Calais to aid with the migrant problem at the port

Several hundred meters high fences will be installed to further secure the port ring road to Calais …

Avoid “invasions of migrants”. The British government will finance the installation of three hundred meters of additional fencing along the bypass port of Calais. Work will be performed “by the summer”.

Securing “vital” for the economy

“The goal is to extend 300 meters fences that have already been installed” along the bypass road to secure the port of Calais, told AFP the sub-prefect of Calais, Vincent Berton.  To “secure the ring road is absolutely vital to the port in Calais and economy […] it is imperative to ensure the smooth flow and avoid invasion by migrants trying to board the trucks’ to reach England , he added.

These fences, four meters high and comprising of CCTV, are “a passive safety measure for channeling flow” and “better use of the police to places where they are most useful to do, in particular, of the arrest, “said the sub-prefect.

A draft green wall

Installing a planted wall to the A16 motorway is also under consideration, according to the president of the port of Calais Jean-Marc Puissesseau. “We can not continue to lose revenue because of migrants! “, he said.

The installation of new fences should begin “before the end of May” and should be finished “before the summer”, said for his part the president of the port, saying the British was paying for the cost of the wall of around eight million euros.

Since early April, renewed tension is observed at night on the ring road, notably with tree trunks jets or railway sleepers on the floor by migrants to stop trucks.

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