The Mediterranean Beaches, Could They be the Next Target of Daesh?

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Could Mediterranean beaches be the next terrorist target of Islamic State

TERRORISM: The intelligence services of some European countries fear an attack based on that of Sousse, in Tunisia …

Could the Mediterranean beaches be the target of the jihadist organization Islamic State this summer? That’s what worried the secret services of some European countries less than a year after an attack against a Tunisian hotel in Port El Kantaoui, near Sousse, if one believes Tuesday newspaper Bild, citing German and Italian intelligence sources. But the Italian secret services, cited by the Belgian press, denied .  “There was no warning of this order,” said his side an anonymous source Italian daily.

For its part, Bild claims that the coastal regions of Italy, France and Spain would be covered and that, according to the Italian authorities, who informed their European counterparts, assailants disguised as street vendors could attack an assault rifle a highly populated beach. The use of explosive belts is also mentioned. What “create a new dimension of terror to the Islamic State,” said on condition of anonymity a senior official at the German Bild . Before recalling that “the beaches are difficult to protect.”

The threat from Boko Haram?

According to other sources, the danger would come from Senegalese supporters of Boko Haram, the Nigerian terrorist group that has pledged allegiance to Daesh in March 2015 .
In a report of the police chief of a Senegalese city, this explains why it is so difficult to control the comings and goings of street vendors, says Bild . “Because of their businesses and their replenishment goods, men commute regularly between Italy and Africa. And this is perfectly legal, since they possess valid papers and even visas. “

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