First Case of Bird Flu Detected in the Tarn

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The first case of Bird flu has been discovered in the Tarn

The Tarn department is in turn affected by the avian flu. The Prefecture said a first case.

A first case of bird flu was detected in the Tarn, in the wake of the establishment of a procedure to “crawl” in the departments of South-West France to curb the epidemic, said Tuesday the prefecture department. the fire was located in a guinea fowl breeding in the municipality of Labastide-Gabausse and the prefecture decided the deployment of protective measures to prevent the risk of spread. Breeding poultry will be slaughtered and cleaned and disinfected buildings.

Bird Flu cases in France

Health Emergency Plan

The Tarn is one of 18 departments affected by the emergency health plan launched by the government to overcome the avian flu. The introduction of new poultry farms has been banned since January farmers are required since Monday to keep waterfowl and poultry confined in closed buildings. in mid-March, the Ministry of Agriculture accounted for 76 of highly pathogenic avian influenza, including 31 in the Landes, 15 and 13 in Dordogne the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. bird flu, which had not been detected in France since 2007, reappeared in Dordogne in late November.According to the ministry, the risk of transmission to humans is almost zero and the consumption of meat, eggs or fatty liver is safe.

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