labour law: 5 Complaints of Police Brutality During Demonstrations in Rennes

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Five complaints against police brutality at recent Labour Law demonstrations in Rennes

At least five complaints were filed in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) for police violence. The complaints came after two protests against labour law on 31st March and 9th April, we have learned this Friday from several students.

The prosecutor of Rennes, Nicolas Jacquet, confirmed that the complaints “have all led to referral by the Rennes floor of the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) and that investigations are ongoing.” These complaints mainly come from students of Rennes 2 and were deposited after the events of 31 March and 9 April, said Maeve, a student who has signed with fourteen other students who claim to have been injured during the protests, a “call injuries of the movement against labour law at Rennes. “The young woman, herself, complained “against the prefect of police violence there two weeks ago.” She says she was wounded in the head and have had five bruises following batons received at a load of the order forces.At both events, “the spontaneously formed following the medical team strengths violence prefecture in the early manifestations found a minimum of 145 injuries, including 30 serious, “said the appeal. Among the identified injuries, bruises, sores, injuries related to the use of ball launchers rubber, a broken collarbone, a broken arm, said another wounded student.According to the prefect, a policeman and three CRS April 9 injured and hospitalized, one of CRS suffering a double fracture of the hand. Another policeman was injured during the demonstration on 31 March, according to the same source.  The events of 31 March and 9 April against the proposed Labour Law had been studded with clashes, protesters taking to shots projectiles forces the order that blocked access to the historic center. These had responded especially with tear gas. On Friday, hundreds of people, labor and student activists, gathered outside the courthouse in Rennes, where nine people arrested during the protests were tried for “participation with weapon a crowd “and” violence “against police officers, namely projectiles fired.

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