Rennes: A Young Man Stabs Bouncer in the Throat

Local News
A bouncer outside a cluc in Rennes has been stabbed in the throat

Friday night, at quarter to midnight, a young man highly alcoholic sliced the throat of a bar bouncer, St. Michel street, in Rennes …

Friday night at around 11.45pm, the area rue Saint-Michel, nicknamed “Street of Thirst ‘, is packed with many out enjoying the evening. At the reggae bar l’Aeternam, an establishment frequented by young people, a young man who is heavily drunk, tries to get into the bar.  The bouncer, aged 35 years old, on the doorway, decides that he has had too much to drink, and the young man is denied access to the bar.

The perpetrator went to the police

The young man suddendly lurches, stabbing the bouncer in the throat with a sharp object.  The bouncer staggers before falling on tables installed on the terrace. He dies within minutes.  The perpetrator went himself to the police to give himself up. The police blocked the street in two places, to isolate the murder scene. 

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