Yellow Vests protests have restarted in Paris and across France

Yellow Vests: Tear Gas & Dozens of Arrests as France’s Most Vocal Protest Movement Makes 1st Comeback During Covid-19

For the first time in months, the Yellow Vests have this Saturday resumed their protest activities on the streets of Paris which quickly descended into chaos, scuffles with police and numerous arrests. For the first time in months, the Yellow Vests have this Saturday resumed their protest activities on the streets of Paris. The sizeable […]

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The TCAR depot in Darnétal (Seine-Maritime) was blocked by demonstrators, Monday, December 16, 2019, in Rouen.

Strike of December 16th: Blocking of the Bus Depot in Rouen

To protest the pension reform, demonstrators blocked a bus depot near Rouen. The network was disrupted in the morning of Monday 16th December 2019. A TCAR bus depot was blocked by demonstrators anti- pension reform project, Monday 16th December 2019, in Darnétal near Rouen (Seine-Maritime).  #grevedu16decembre Des #Giletsjaunes et des syndicalistes bloquent les entrées du dépôt de la TCAR, le réseau […]

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"Yellow vests" block a road to Caen November 18, 2018.

The Movement of Yellow Vests Continues: Oil Deposits Blocked

On Monday, traffic and several fuel depots near Rennes, Fos-sur-Mer and Toulouse, are disrupted by the movement of yellow vests. Several rallies of “yellow vests”, which wish to perpetuate their movement against the increase of the taxes against the fuels , disturbed again Monday morning the car traffic and deposits of fuels, found journalists of the AFP. Several […]

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The Government critized for the violence on the May 1st

Violence on May 1st: Government Criticized and Unions Frustrated, 109 People in Custody

In the aftermath of the violence committed by thugs in Paris during the May Day demonstration, the government is strongly criticized. The Paris demonstration of May 1st, overshadowed by the violence of ultra-left groups , has provoked union frustrations – with fears for the right to demonstrate – and political controversy over possible police failures. The parade […]

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Labour Law: New Incidents and Damage to Rennes 1

Labour Law: New Incidents and Damage to Rennes

Several hundred young people defied police on Friday evening in the city centre … Several hundred young people defied the police and damaged many public facilities, bank branches and stores in the centre of Rennes on Friday night, after the evacuation at the dawn of a municipal hall, renamed “House of the People “by opponents […]

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Five complaints against police brutality at recent Labour Law demonstrations in Rennes

labour law: 5 Complaints of Police Brutality During Demonstrations in Rennes

At least five complaints were filed in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) for police violence. The complaints came after two protests against labour law on 31st March and 9th April, we have learned this Friday from several students. The prosecutor of Rennes, Nicolas Jacquet, confirmed that the complaints “have all led to referral by the Rennes floor of […]

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Police are evacuating Republic Square in Paris after another night of protests

Labour law: #NuitDebout … New evacuation of protesters Republic Square

The collective “Night Stand” born of protest against the labour law, spent their second night outside before being evacuated by the police … They were still many last night. The police have indeed moved in this Saturday morning to a new evacuation of protesters, who occupied the Republic Square in Paris to oppose the labour law. “80 militants […]

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