Najat Vallaud-Belkacem: A Quarter of Cinquième classes to be Equipped with Tablets

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The Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem announces that a quarter of 5e students will be equipped with a tablet

EDUCATION: These facilities are funded jointly by the departments and the State …

The digital is a new breakthrough in public schools.  Students in Cinquieme (5e) of one-quarter of public colleges will be equipped in the coming year with individual mobile devices, mainly tablets, to create a new digital map, said Najat Vallaud-Belkacem in an interview with Le Monde on Thursday.

This is lower than the official objectives of the plan of one billion euros, aimed in particular to equip 40% of 5e classes in the 2016 school year and to reach 100% in three years .

The project to equip students with the digital necessary nowadays will start when students return to college in September will cover at least 1,510 colleges, “probably more since the call for continuing projects. This represents 25% of public colleges and more than 175,000 students in 5e” said the Minister of Education.

These facilities are funded jointly by the departments and the state.

Not ubiquitous digital tools

“Most departments and institutions have planned to equip students with a tablet , rarely a laptop that will serve them until the end of the 3e and to take home at night.  These tools can be used in all subjects” says the minister.
“This is not to say that digital tools will be ubiquitous, and there is not a set quota hours. But these tools will enable teachers to develop collaborative work, especially to diversify and individualize learning”.  The government also ” funded the creation of digital resources in several subjects. They will draw them in an online library, as of August,” she said.

She describes “the use of specific programs, from classes CM1 to the 3e, not simply scanned textbooks, but theoretical modules on different concepts, videos, exercises, or software to facilitate the learning of disciplines.”

The students of CM1 and CM2 of 1236 primary schools will also be affected by the plan in September.

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