Bird flu has been detected at a duck farm in Landes

Landes: Presence of Bird Flu Confirmed in a Farm, 6,500 Ducks Slaughtered

The Ministry of Agriculture confirmed this Tuesday morning that the H5N8 virus, Bird Flu had indeed been found in the Bénesse-Maremne farm (Landes) >Monday, the 6,500 ducks of the farm affected by the H5N8  bird flu virus, according to the departmental laboratory of the Pyrenees and the Landes, were slaughtered. The next morning, Tuesday 8th December, the […]

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The first case of bird flu detected in France

Bird Flu: A First Case Detected in France

A farm of about 200 to 300 hens was then slaughtered after being detected of having Bird Flu, the first case in France It is the first in France. A case of bird flu was detected in Haute-Corse, causing the activation of protective measures throughout the metropolitan territory to limit the spread of this virus, harmless to humans […]

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France places 45 departments on alert for bird flu

Bird Flu: France Places 46 Departments at “High” Risk

EPIDEMIC: This bird flu  virus, transmitted to poultry farms by migratory birds, is not dangerous for humans The threat of an epidemic of bird flu, harmless to humans, hangs over French agriculture. A decree places this Thursday 46 departments at “high” risk, according to a decree published this Thursday in the Official Journal. Protective measures must be taken on farms. The […]

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Stephanie Le Foll has announced the end of the bird flu outbreak in France

Le Foll Announced the Imminent End of the Bird Flu Outbreak

The Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll said on Monday hope that the end of the outbreak of bird flu in France, which led to the preventive slaughter of some four million poultry. “Everything suggests that we will arrive shortly after that outbreak. The number of suspected cases is in decline, ” said Stephane Le Foll […]

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With this slaughter, the department hopes to limit the spread of the bird flu epidemic

Bird flu: After the Ducks in Landes, a slaughter of the Doves is Organized in the Lot-et-Garonne

EPIDEMIC: Migratory birds are spreading the H5N8 bird flu virus in farms … Thursday night, the call for turtledoves are to be slaughtered, as they are contaminated by bird flu is organized at the request of the Prefecture of Lot-et-Garonne. Checks were carried out on the bodies of migratory birds and many gave positive results […]

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Preventive slaughter is made to contain the bird flu epidemic plaguing the Southwest of France

Bird Flu: All Ducks will be Slaughtered in Landes

HEALTH:  The 600,000 breeding ducks still alive in the Landes will be slaughtered to try to eradicate the Bird flu … 600,000 ducks being farmed in the Landes will be slaughtered to try to eradicate the bird flu outbreak, said on Tuesday by the Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll to France Bleu. Les 600.000 […]

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The Mayenne is concerned about the prospect of the contamination from Bird flu

Mayenne: Feared Contamination from Bird Flu

Since the recent discovery of the H5N8 virus carriers wild ducks in the Channel, the commotion combat redoubles in Mayenne department briefing. “All birds, including backyard individuals, must be kept indoors” remind the veterinary services of the DDCSPP 53! What is the problem? Following the discovery of several outbreaks of avian influenza (H5N8) highly pathogenic […]

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Identified new cases of bird flu

Southwest: Eight New Cases of Bird Flu Detected

In the southwest of France, 61 outbreaks of bird flu have been identified … The discovery of new cases of bird flu never ends. After eleven outbreaks recorded between Thursday and Sunday in the southwest, eight new outbreaks of bird flu were identified on Monday, all in the Landes department. Bringing the total to 61 […]

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