Arianespace will launch Promotion of Ariane 6 at the end of the year

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Arianespace will launch Promotion of Ariane 6 at the end of the year 1

Arianespace plans to begin marketing this year the services of the future Ariane 6, the first Launch is planned from 2020.

Japan is seen as a potential big customer, said Tuesday in Tokyo its CEO.  “Our ambition is to begin offering Ariane 6 from this year end as fly Ariane 6 in 2020 is a key objective” , Stéphane Israel insisted at a press conference in the Japanese capital where the European company has an office for 30 years.  “We want to offer our customers the most competitive rocket, with lower costs by 40% to 50% those of Ariane 5, but that is of course also open to improvements and innovations, particularly for engines ” , detailed the CEO.   

Japan, is seen as large customer potential

“We believe that Japan will be a major customer for Ariane 6 because we have a good place here and it is a good way to encourage our partners to follow ” , said Mr Israel. Arianespace has launched 75% of Japanese commercial satellites (27 in total so far), with a first shot made in 1989. Two other Japanese investments into orbit satellites are planned this year, then in 2017.   “We have proven the reliability of Ariane and will be a key element in convincing Japanese customers, alongside the innovation and competitiveness ” , said the CEO. “Our Japanese customers liked Ariane 5 , and we believe they will also love Ariane 6 “, he summarized.

Japan is also preparing a new rocket for 2020, H-3 designed by the space agency JAXA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group (MHI), which for Mr. Israel, “shows that competition strengthens and makes it even more important for Arianespace to have a new launcher ready for 2020 “ . ” We have our own strategy, we do not imitate others and we are sure that Ariane 6, which exists in two versions (government missions and tasks commercial), is perfectly adapted to market developments,” said Mr. Israel, asked about the developments of competition, such as SpaceX, which is moving towards launchers partially reusable.

Ariane 6 will be proloted at the end of the year


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