Tarn: Startup invents Collar Allowing you to track your Cat

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A start up in the Tarn has invented a way of keeping track of your dog or cats weight and fitness

Canhegat, a start-up of the Tarn, invented a pendant connected to pets. It helps to nourish and help to find them in case of disappearance …

To calculate performance, today many riders, runners or people interested in fitness are equipped with a connected strap that allows them to know the number of kilometres travelled, their average speed or calories burned.

In September, pets can be equipped with a similar system thanks  to the start-up tarnaise Canhegat , dog and cat translate in Occitan.

30% of pets are overweight

Their logged pendant called Canhe-Fit is not a simple plotter that allows home-owners to know whether their doggies and kitties are real athletes.

“With an app, we process the information collected in the amount of dry food to give. This takes into account the animal’s activity, its speed but also its profile either his race or his weight, “says Nicolas Loiseau, one of two co-managers of start-up, animal health researcher INRA Toulouse.


For pet owners have a tendency to force a little on the quantities of bowls of our four-legged friends. Thus, a study of the Veterinary School of Alfort, 30% of them are overweight in France and 20% are obese.

Except for them to undergo training with a coach or sending them to Koh Lanta cats and dogs, only one solution: reduce their portions of their dry food, that easily calculates the Canhe-Fit app to give its exact nutritional need.

Marketed in September to 100 euros

By September, the first pendants connected will be marketed in France at the price of 100 euros.  In its budget, the start-up has launched a crowdfunding project on the site Indiegogo .

Fifty animals are already equipped with a Canhe-Fit weighs less than 10 g, is not bigger than a two-euro coin is autonomous for eight months and only transmits every hour for a few milliseconds, history not to make your electro cat.

Its connection with the application can play another role, that of finding the animal if it is lost. “This is not a GPS that locates the nearest meter. If a pet is lost, the owner will report. The users connected via the app that will know if they are close to it and report it to the user community, “says Nicolas Loiseau.

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