Airbus and Renault Join Forces to Develop a New Generation Battery 1

Airbus and Renault Join Forces to Develop a New Generation Battery

TECHNOLOGY: The engineers of the two groups will work on the creation of a new generation of batteries which will be able to double the density of stored energy by 2030 Airbus and Renault have just signed an agreement to develop the battery of the future Their engineers will work together to double the energy […]

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The levitating capsule project in low pressure tubes carried by the company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Hyperloop: Research on the Transport of the Future will also be in Toulouse

INNOVATION: One of two companies working in the transport of the future Hyperloop decided to locate its European R & D center in Toulouse … Travel comfortably installed on powered capsules to over 1200 km/h in air tubes. This futuristic transportation, Jules Verne and his son Michael had already portrayed in The Day of an American […]

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A start up in the Tarn has invented a way of keeping track of your dog or cats weight and fitness

Tarn: Startup invents Collar Allowing you to track your Cat

Canhegat, a start-up of the Tarn, invented a pendant connected to pets. It helps to nourish and help to find them in case of disappearance … To calculate performance, today many riders, runners or people interested in fitness are equipped with a connected strap that allows them to know the number of kilometres travelled, their average […]

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La Poste is embracing new technology to expand its business

La Poste is a bank, an MVNO, a delivery service (by drone) & an IoT Network

An interesting article that I read about the Post Office here in France, on the Rudebagette website, saying how the post office, despite the slowing down of its traditional revenue sources, the delivery of the post, it has managed to expand into other areas such as banking etc and is now embracing new technology to […]

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