Mobilization to Fight against Financial Scams on Internet

Mobilisation against Financial scams on the Internet

Four organizations will join forces financial scams on the internet. They have caused 4.5 billion loss in six years.

 The Paris prosecutor’s office, Fraud Control, the stock market watchdog and the banks will join forces to try to stop the explosion of financial scams on the internet, which would have caused 4.5 billion loss in six years. their main target: the foreign exchange market, or forex, one of the largest global financial markets, which are trading currencies, open 24 hours on 24 but not regulated, unlike those dedicated to actions.Chartered Escrocs the battle is even more difficult than scam artists operating in this market are in addition legally authorized brokers, but in less fussy about consumer safety countries, including Cyprus. the diamonds, wine or exotic forests also serve bait for these scams, all complemented bank fraud and identity theft. the sums are huge smoke in parts of the order of 4.5 billion in 6 years, according to estimates by François Molins, prosecutor of the Republic, in a joint document with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the Directorate General for Competition of Consumer Affairs and fraud control (DGCCRF) and the prudential and resolution Authority (ACPR) to be presented Thursday at the press.No goose that lays golden eggs“the promise of easy money and risk is an absolute illusion” warns attorney, indicating that these losses exceed those of VAT fraud on carbon quotas. the business methods used are“formidable” and “extremely dangerous products for individuals” , also notes Benoît de Juvigny, Secretary General of the AMF. This is the context of crisis that favored the emergence of new offers to the general public, he believes. According to a survey conducted in November by the stock market watchdog, “28% of French would have been contacted and canvassed for investing in this type of investment” .sports sponsorship the AMF especially shines the spotlight on a new risk related to sports sponsorship. by sponsoring major football teams, platforms operating in the Forex have ensured a “massive exposure” to the more vulnerable individuals they were attracted by the logo of their favourite clubs. for the four organizations, the main protection is better information for the public. Because “the goose that lays golden eggs does not exist” , said the AMF, which recommends “flee” Forex and always check beforehand “if the caller is authorized to provide financial services” .

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