Notre-Dame-des-Landes: Valls announced that the Referendum for June in Loire-Atlantique

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The Prime minister has announced the date of the referendum for the Airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes

Prime Minister confirmed Tuesday morning that the date and scope of the consultation on Notre-Dame-des-Landes have been chosen …

The local referendum on the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes will go ahead in June and will be limited to just one department of Loire-Atlantique, announced Tuesday morning Manuel Valls.

The consultation, which will be organized by the state, will take place “before the summer, in June,” said the Prime Minister. The dates of Sundays 19th June or 26th June had been raised in recent days by France Inter and Ouest-France .

Loire-Atlantique, “most concerned department”

As for the geographical scope, which has been the subject of heated debates in recent weeks, it has been decided it should be the Loire-Atlantique, because ” the public inquiry took place in the department of the Loire-Atlantique, so the department of Loire-Atlantique is best able to decide on the transfer (from Nantes airport) to Notre-Dame-des-Landes “, argued Manuel Valls.

A choice that will not please the neighbouring departments that have demanded that they too can participate in the voting.

Also the chosen question?

The prime minister, Manuel Valls has not confirmed this Tuesday what the wording of the question to asked in the referendum would be, although this already seems to have been decided as, “Are you for or against the transfer of Nantes-Atlantique airport to Notre-Dame-des-Landes? “.  President Hollande had initially announced that the question would be “Do you or do not you want the airport project? “

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