Nantes: Farmers Blocking Sca Ouest

Local News
Farmers block the distribution centre of Sca Ouest near Nantes

Farmers who have spent the night blocking Sca Ouest, Saint-Etienne-de-Montluc, are received by management.

Thirty farmers who have spent the night in front of Sca Ouest of Saint-Etienne-de-Montluc.  They were there since yesterday afternoon blocking the distribution centre.  Sca Ouest supplies the Leclerc supermarket.

Why the protest at Sca Ouest ?

The reason that the farmers have blocked the entrance of the distrubution centre of Sca Ouest, is there way to denounce prices paid to the farmers for their produce, which they claim are too low by the supermarkets.
They had blocked the main entrance this morning, with tractors and the two other exits were blocked by tyres.  A delegation of farmers were received this morning at 10:30 by management.

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