Gendarmerie: Road checks this Week in Morbihan

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The gendarmerie are to conduct several road checks during the week in the Morbihan region of France

Until April 3, the police will conduct roadside checks on the D764, towards Silfiac / Cléguérec and Crédin / Radenac, and the D767 between Pontivy and Vannes.

The gendarmerie of Morbihan are conducting several checkpoints this week from March 28 to April 3, 2016 in the department. Coordinated actions will target the D764, particularly sectors Silfiac / Cléguérec and Crédin / Radenac and the D767 between Pontivy and Vannes.
In 2015, 14 accidents occurred on these two axes, killing three people. Twenty-two were injured. Failure priority rules, speed and alcohol are the cause of all these accidents. “So this behaviour of faults that it is possible to avoid “recalls the police. the police stressed that” these scheduled operations are composed of visible and non-visible devices (unmarked vehicles by police or civilian clothes) and they combine with the usual checkpoints conducted randomly by patrols of territorial units and motorized distributed throughout the department. “

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