Lyon. A 19 year old Woman Raped on her Hospital Bed

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A 19 year old was raped at a hospital in Lyon

A young woman was raped on Sunday in her room in the hospital Saint-Jean-de-Dieu in Lyon by a maintenance worker who was posing as a doctor.

A young woman of 19, admitted to hospital Saint-Jean-de-Dieu de Lyon (Rhone), was raped in her room Sunday, reported  Le Progrès . The incident occurred around 5pm. The patient is out of her room in search of a doctor. Without doctor in the hallway, she met a maintenance worker in a white blouse. The man made ​​her believe he was a doctor and told her to return to her room for examination.

Employed for several years and no history

The man asked the young woman to undress and, according to preliminary results revealed by the regional daily, it is at that moment that he raped her.  The man aged 58 admitted the facts and was placed in custody. The man has been an employee of the Hospital for several years and has no previous history.  He will be presented before a judge Tuesday.

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