El Khomri Act: 4000 Demonstrators in the Streets in Angers

Local News
Workers and students protest in the centre of Angers against the El Khomri Act

Several hundred protesters come to start from the place Leclerc, in Angers. They demand the withdrawal of labour legislation.

In Angers, the rally against the controversial El Khomri act, the labour law has some 4,000 demonstrators, including 1,000 young people, pupils and students. Around 12 pm, the procession headed towards the bank on roads. Traffic on the dual carriageway may be disturbed.

Motorcade heads The students

“Removing the El Khomri law.” Is the slogan of the band led the procession, in which massed hundreds of young people, mostly students, but also students, today, Thursday, March 31, in Angers. The protesters began to pound the pavement around 11 pm from Place Leclerc to the Foch boulevard. Tram and bus will be stopped on the course. The unions CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires and UNL are represented.

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