Rennes: Police speed checks increases on the ring road

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Speed checks to be increased on the ring road of Rennes

The speed limit was lowered by 20 km/h on October 1 …

“We were less present, by the time people get used to new limitations. It is never easy to change habits. But now, here we go. ” Head of road safety unit within the national police, Captain Philippe Leon proclaimed the end of police tolerance on the Rennes ring road.

Established on the 1st October, the lowering of the speed limit by 20km/h on the bypass has caused a lot of reaction.  Environmentalists are happy, motorists much less.  Although speed cameras were immediately rated at 70 or 90 km/h, the police preferred to wait two months before leading commencing speed radar patrols.

For a week, the operations resumed on the device axis. “We noticed that any departure 10% of vehicles checked were in violation. Today, it is 4%. People soon realized, “the captain slips.

Radar latest

To conduct their operations effectively, the officers used their unmarked vehicle equipped with a latest generation radar hidden in the license plate and can check vehicles all around, regardless of flow direction. While driving, the device measures the speed and then photographs the offending vehicles. “People are realizing and changing their habits.  Those who exceed the limits are sent a ticket direct to their home address” remarks the officer aboard the Renault gray.

Higher margin of error

Only problem for this onboard radar, the error margin is twice as high.  To combat this, a portion of the road limited to 70 Km/h are given a margin error up to 81 km/h, with drivers only given a verbal warning.  The police and gendarmarie also announced a strengthening road checks over the holiday period, so you have been warned.

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