A 157 km / h, they were racing on a road limited to 50 km /h in Sète

Sète: At 157 km/h, they Raced on a Road with a Speed Limit of 50 km/h

EXCESSIVE SPEED: Their driving licenses were removed on the spot, caught speeding at Sète Two young men aged 21 were arrested at the wheel of their respective cars during the Pentecost weekend. They were engaged in a race on a road limited to a speed of 50 km/h. The first was caught at 157 km/h, the second at […]

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Speed checks to be increased on the ring road of Rennes

Rennes: Police speed checks increases on the ring road

The speed limit was lowered by 20 km/h on October 1 … “We were less present, by the time people get used to new limitations. It is never easy to change habits. But now, here we go. ” Head of road safety unit within the national police, Captain Philippe Leon proclaimed the end of police tolerance […]

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