Here are the radars that flashed the most in the Loire-Atlantique

Here are the Radars that Flashed the Most in Loire-Atlantique in 2017

Around 320 000 offenses were recorded in 2017 by the 41 automatic radars installed on the roads of Loire-Atlantique. The radar radar report. 319,560 flashes . Here is the 2017 report of the automatic radars in the Loire-Atlantique department according to a Road Safety report. At the top of this list, there are three cabins installed on the Nantes ring road : Porte de […]

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Speed checks to be increased on the ring road of Rennes

Rennes: Police speed checks increases on the ring road

The speed limit was lowered by 20 km/h on October 1 … “We were less present, by the time people get used to new limitations. It is never easy to change habits. But now, here we go. ” Head of road safety unit within the national police, Captain Philippe Leon proclaimed the end of police tolerance […]

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