A Death at a Road Exit Saint-Julien-de-Vouvantes

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Tragic road accident at Saint-Julien-de-Vouvantes

A 19 year old boy was killed in the night of Friday to Saturday after an accident at the entrance to the village, at Saint-Julien-de-Vouvantes. His car crashed into the gable of a house.

Driving a Peugeot 406, he lost control at the exit of a curve on a slightly uphill section of the village of Saint-Julien-de-Vouvantes. The vehicle broke through a hedge before crashing vertically against the gable of a house. The impact caused a hole one meter in diameter at the chimney.

“He had just left a party with friends”

The driver was thrown from the vehicle. Rescuers tried to revive him, unsuccessfully. According to Chateaubriant gendarmerie, “he had just left a raging party with friends. At this point, only the speed is concerned “. The victim lived in La Chapelle-Glain.

Thirteen killed on the roads of the district of Châteaubriant

This new accident, the second in twenty days, brings the number of fatalities to thirteen on the roads of the district of Châteaubriant since 1st January 2015 against eleven in 2014.

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