Front National: Why it Has Not Changed

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Marine Le Pen has tried to change the image of the Front national, but has it really changed ?

To expand its electoral base, Marine Le Pen seeks to soften its image and speech. Behind the facade, the program stays true to the fundamentals of Front National

Navy mother. Navy lawyer. Marine Le Pen, a woman like the others … The Front National candidate used her campaign launch last weekend, in Lyon, to disseminate a leaflet and project a video in which it cuts through the armor. A well-orchestrated publicity stunt. Often considered as divisive and aggressive, daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen is trying to soften its image to expand its electoral base.

A strategy that involved the “demonization” of the FN, driven by Florian Philippot. A change in form, but not really on the bottom. Although the Front National  is trying to smooth his message, she remains true to its fundamentals: sudden stop to immigration, establishment of “national preference”, closing borders …

She advocates “national priority,” new avatar of national preference

Marine Le Pen proposes to include the “national priority” in the Constitution. It takes up an idea launched in 1985 by Jean-Yves Le Gallou, under the name of “national preference”, which proposes to give priority to employment for holders of French nationality or restrict welfare benefits to people who not. The FN candidate claims to want to “erect the French citizenship privilege for all the French,” a mantra that irrigates his whole program without explaining how that would be done to get there. So she plans to set up “an additional tax on hiring foreign employees,” the terms of which are still very unclear, even as 300,000 positions remain unfilled across the country. The FN also proposes to “give priority to the French for allocation of social housing,” without supporting this proposal with a new construction program. Marine Le Pen and ensures that during the two years following their arrival, the legal aliens must “assume” if they are sick they will pay the costs of their care.

She always wants to close borders

Behind the facade of smile, the far-right candidate finds a martial tone to advocate the restoration of “national borders” and “end the uncontrolled immigration.” Legal immigration would be reduced to an annual balance of 10 000 entries. The right of access would be removed and the double non-European nationality. Asylum may be requested only “in the country or neighboring countries,” which would prohibit migrants who have arrived in France to benefit.

Family reunification and the acquisition of French nationality by marriage, considered as “immigration suction pumps” would no longer be automatic. “If they want to live at home, it was enough to stay there,” launched Marine Le Pen on Saturday in Lyon, causing enthusiastic response from his audience: “We’re here, we’re at home …”

It does not close the door to the restoration of the death penalty

The restoration of the death penalty has disappeared from Marine Le Pen program. The FN candidate now proposes the establishment of incompressible real life (without replacement possible penalty) for the “most serious crimes”.

But it opens the possibility for citizens to demand the restoration of the death penalty through a “popular initiative referendum.” The procedure, which requires a revision of the Constitution could be triggered if it is supported by at least 500,000 voters.

She always advocates zero tolerance

Marine Le Pen out muscles to promise the restoration of “republican order and the rule of law everywhere and for everyone.” The security forces would “re-armed”. The police and the gendarmerie would be refocused on their “security mission” and freed from “undue tasks.” The FN provides a “suburban disarmament plan” and promises to implement the “zero tolerance”. Thereupon, no change …

It cultivates control

Marine Le Pen, who seeks to embody a France “appeased” leave it to others to talk to the most extreme fringe of his electorate.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen does not hesitate to take over the complotistes theses of “great replacement”. The Vaucluse MP brings out the big guns, after the bombing of Nice, to declare war on Islam: “If we do not kill Islam, it is Islam that still kill us and again. “

Steve Briois, mayor of Hénin-Beaumont that he is not opposed to the ban on entering the territory of nationals of certain Muslim countries. An aide to David Rachline, Marine Campaign Director Le Pen, does not hesitate to deal with “scum” the young man victim of police violence in Aulnay-sous-Bois.

New recruit of the National Front, the comedian Franck Lapersonne has a small effect last Saturday in Lyon, running: “Hugo has not learned Arabic at school and me, it makes me happy to know. A project that earned him a standing ovation. We never change.

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