Normandy: Concert at the Mill of Andé, the Astonishing Crystal Organ of the Baschet Brothers

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Baschet Brothers in Concert in Normandy

Saturday, June 16, 2018 in Normandy at the moulin d’Andé (Eure), three musicians embark on an unusual trio: piano, accordion and an amazing crystal organ.

Saturday at 7pm at the theater, the Moulin d’Andé welcomes Madoka Ochi (piano), Frédéric Daverio (concert accordion) and Michel Deneuve (Cristal Baschet) who will play in trio, around the melodies of Ravel, Gershwin, Bernstein, Stravinsky and original compositions.

These three musicians met at the Moulin d’Andé. They offer Saturday their first trio concert for a creation that promises to be rich and colorful.

Le Cristal Baschet

For forty years, Michel Deneuve plays Cristal Baschet, an instrument invented in 1952 by the brothers François and Bernard Baschet. He walks his ten fingers wet on 56 crystal rods. The stems are crystal but the instrument is made mainly of metal and glass.

Michel Deneuve is the first to have created an instrumental technique and developed a repertoire with Cristal Baschet. He strives to make this instrument known, by playing with musicians from different countries and styles during his travels-concerts.

Information: Saturday 16th June at 7pm at the moulin d’Andé theatre.  Concert: 18 €. Dinner: 25 €.

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