Broadband Internet: Mayenne 100% Connected by 2022

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100 percent of Mayenne connected to the Internet by Fibre Optic by 2022

Connect all to Fibre Optic cables within seven years. It is the ambition of the conseil départemental de la Mayenne which will launch a tender in July. A deployment for which up to 180 million euros will be invested.

100% of department connected to the internet by fibre optic cable by 2022?  This is the ambition of the conseil départemental de la Mayenne modifying its forecasts.  This is now, reveals the president Olivier Richefou (UDI), an ambition to offer the people of Mayenne full access to broadband internet by fibre optic.  This represents a total of 110,000 homes that have to connect to the network. Mayenne would thus be one of the first departments 100% connected. He is the only now showing such ambition.


The overall cost is estimated at between 150 and 180 million euros. “It’s a nice combination. This will be the major investment in the coming years for the department, ” warns Olivier Richefou it a lever for development.  With connection with fibre optic, it will allow data to flow at 30 times higher than ADSL. The latter, which goes through the copper telephone network, has reached its limits with the increase of the files and the development of the video.

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