Black Friday set a new sales record in France and the United States

Black Friday: Record Purchases Beaten in the United States … and in France

In France, even criticized, Black Friday 2019 has recorded 56 million transactions by credit card in one day, 6 million more purchases than last year. And, in the United States, transactions also reached a new record, with over $ 7 billion. Blocking actions, creation of “  Block Friday”, criticisms, demonstrations … The Black Friday 2019 has given rise to […]

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The store will open Saturday, November 9 at the Val d'Europe shopping centre.

Seine et Marne: A Victoria’s Secret Store Opens in the Val d’Europe Shopping Centre

The Victoria’s Secret store opens Saturday 9th November 2019, at the Val d’Europe shopping centre in Seine-et-Marne. After months and months of suspense, the date has finally been unveiled. The lingerie store Victoria’s Secret will welcome its first customers on Saturday, November 9, 2019, at the Val d’Europe shopping center in Serris . Perfect timing … a few weeks before Christmas. […]

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Primark in Bordeaux opens on Friday 12th April

Bordeaux: Primark Opens (finally) on April 12th

Primark, the Irish brand, will inaugurate on Friday 12th April, 2019 a sales area of ​​more than 4,000 m2 in Bordeaux-Lac. Originally scheduled for March, the opening of Primark in Bordeaux-Lac has been postponed. The “low cost temple of decoration and fashion” will open on April 12, 2019, it is promised and it is Primark who […]

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Ricard Pastis risks no being in Supermarkes

Leclerc: Ricard’s Pastis Risks Disappearing from the Shelves of Hypermarkets

The products of the Pernod-Ricard group, including pastis, could disappear from the E.Leclerc hypermarkets because of a commercial dispute. Explanations. After Coca-Cola, Ricard products? In conflict with the Pernod-Ricard group, the E.Leclerc hypermarket group is preparing to withdraw all ranges from the spirits operator, reveals the blog Rayon Boissons . Some thirty references, including pastis Ricard, but also Aberlour and Ballantine’s whiskeys or liqueurs Malibu and Suze , are […]

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Yvelines: At Sonchamp, the Farmer Organises a Sunday Farmers Market 1

Yvelines: At Sonchamp, the Farmer Organises a Sunday Farmers Market

In Sonchamp (Yvelines), the farmer of the Hunière farm organises a Sunday farmers market, perfect for shopping locally. Chickens, guinea fowl, capons, geese are the star products of La Hunière’s farm . Must-have for parties. Christophe Robin raises them feeding cereals farm Sonchamp (Yvelines). On Sunday, the farmer decided to bring together other local producers to organise a farmer’s […]

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Around 3000 people queued for the opening of Primark in Toulouse

Toulouse: 3,000 People Gathered for the Opening of Primark

The Primark brand has finally opened in Toulouse, after three years of delay. Approximately 3,000 people were gathered for the opening hours, Wednesday 17th October, 2018. The opening of the store was initially planned in 2015, but it is finally on Wednesday, October 17 … 2018 that Primark opened its doors in Toulouse . The Toulouse were on the lookout and […]

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Primark new store in Toulouse will open on the 17th October 2018

Toulouse: Primark Confirms the Date Envisaged for the Opening of its Store

Primark confirmed the date of opening its store, in Toulouse will be Wednesday 17th October These are just a few words on the Facebook page of the store, but they were enough to revive the interest of fans of the brand.  Primark has indeed planned the opening its latest shop for Wednesday 17th October 17, 2018,  in Toulouse . Curtain up at the beginning of the day, […]

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The Grande Braderie in L'Aigle (Normandy) is on Sunday 8th July

Normandy: The Grande Braderie at L’Aigle is on Sunday 8 July 2018

The traders of L’Aigle organize their big annual sell-off; the grande Braderie on Sunday 8th July. Registration is now. The shopkeepers of L’Aigle are waiting for you for their annual Grande Braderie sale on Sunday 8th July, 2018. For about twenty years, L’Aigle chamber of commerce, with the participation of the Town Hall and the Municipal Police, organizes a large sale, known […]

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Zara is one of the participants in French Days, the "Black Friday" spring.

French Days: Giant Promotions in Dozens of Stores for Spring Black Friday

On the occasion of the French Days, a spring Black Friday, more than 80 big brands in France are planning monster promotions from Friday 27th April to May 1st. Several major French brands and e-commerce sites have agreed to launch a commercial promos operation similar to American Black Friday:  the  French Days.  It will take place from the 27th April […]

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In Saint-Yrieix, a new super u opens wednesday

Saint-Yrieix: The New Super U Opens Wednesday

The new Super U opens Wednesday in St. Yrieix after eight months of work. It doubles its surface and creates a drive. All hands to battle in the aisles of the new Super U St. Yrieix. A dozen pies are fighting for now duel in the cheese department. Yogurt begin arriving in ranks on pallets. Employees multiply round trips […]

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