Nantes: Three Thousand Candles in Tribute to the Victims of the Attacks

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3000 candles lit in Nantes
3000 candles lit in Nantes
The tribute with the candles on the water mirror. | Franck Dubray.

Approximately 2,500 people gathered last night around the water mirror. At the invitation of the city of Nantes, which distributed the candles.

The organization of this tribute by the city of Nantes met a need.  About 2500 people came last night to light a candle on the reflecting pool to honour the victims of the attacks in Paris to show their solidarity with the families and show that terrorism was not because of their desire to live.

“They did not kill love”

People arrived around 8pm.  At 9.30pm with candles all lit, reflected on the water, glowing symbols.  One heart, one Eiffel Tower; in the crowd, one red white blue flag, as an echo to the castle walls the colours of the Republic.  La Marseillaise, sung spontaneously and applauded.  And a youngster holding a sign where he wrote: “They did not kill love.”

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