Nantes: He attacked the House of his ex with a Chainsaw

A man went to his ex wife equipped with a chainsaw
A man went to his ex wife equipped with a chainsaw
An illustration of a Chainsaw

Tuesday night, a man of 46 years went with a chainsaw and an axe to the home of his former girlfriend …

Still hospitalized at the University Hospital of Nantes, he has not yet been put into custody.  On Tuesday night at 10 pm,  a man of 46 years. caused a scare and panic with his ex-wife and two children, in Blain, Loire-Atlantique.  Under the influence of Alcohol  (1 gram per litre of blood) and also under medication, he ran to the home equipped with a chainsaw and an axe, report Ouest-France and Presse Océan  this Wednesday.  He then started to attack the door of the home, shattering a pane and a window.

Two gendarmes fire Taser

When Gendarmes arrived, they fired a Taser at the man, but this was not enough to subdue the man.  Then as he was trying to flee, he received a second firing of the Taser from the gendarmes, before being wrestled to the ground and taken away by the gendarmes.

According to Ouest-France, the man can not stand the separation and has been harassing his former girlfriend since.

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