Eurovision 2016: Amir Gets a 6th Place for France

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Amir sings his song "J'ai Cherche" in the final of the Eurovision in Stockholm, 14 May 2016

MUSIC: If Ukraine won the 61st Eurovision Song Contest in the night from Saturday to Sunday, France can rejoice in its good result …

He may not be the winner, but Amir is certainly not a loser. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, he arrived in 6th place in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest held this year in Stockholm (Sweden), with 257 points, and just four points off the fifth position.  That was the best position that France has obtained in seven years, the last time that France managed a Top 10 result was with Patricia Kaas, who finished eighth in 2009.

The young singer who sung his song ‘J’ai Cherche’, managed to break the curse that persisted in the French representatives, devoted to the last places in recent years.




Third place with the professional juries

He will certainly gained a new audience outside France: his song is already broadcast on several European radios (and Canada) and it will remain as one of the outstanding candidates for this edition as well as the winner, the Ukrainian Jamala, Australian Dami Im, Russian Sergei Lazarev, the Bulgarian Poli Genova or Austrian Zoë Straub, other champions to applause in Stockholm.

Sixth place also seems to agree with France 2 and the French delegation who this year took the competition very seriously.  If Amir finished eighth in the Top viewers, he finished third in the ranking of professional juries (and even got 12 points from the Armenian jurors). This mindset, focused to win, reflected both in the choice of song, efficient and whose chorus is understood by English speakers in the intense promotion campaign among French and foreign media. A battle plan that should certainly be repeated next year.


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