Olympics 2016 Basketball: French Women will play for Bronze

Olympic Games 2016
The French womens basketball team will play for the Bronze medal in the Olympics

The French women’s basketball team, having first blazed to the end, broke the distance in the semifinals against the Americans, big favourite of the Olympic tournament. They will play on Saturday for the bronze medal against Serbia for a rematch of the final of Euro 2015.

Les Bleues entered the field Carioca 1 – (12,000 spectators capacity, full two-thirds) – and this was quickly felt. I must say that the troop coached by Valérie Garnier has not been spoiled.

She had to face it a gang of ultra-seasoned girls, eight (out of twelve) of which have already trodden parquet flooring London four years ago to bring back gold, Team USA is already being trimmed to four times before.

The French catchy

From the first quarter, the latter took the measure of their vis-à-vis, literally and figuratively: Griner with a peak at 2,03m when most of Yacoubou partners measure 1,93m (Gruda) while smaller Yankees ‘shave’ the floor 1.75m (Whalen, Bird), difficult for a sulk (1,63m) or Epoupa (1,64m) to compete. Except to multiply sins, what El Tri are not private to 7 against three during the first ten minutes.

The second quarter was more peaceful, adding the field Johannes (top scorer of the half with 9 points against 6 at its pending US Taurasi) to Epoupa disrupting American, but it was not to last.Probably lectured at the break by Geno Auriemma, the Reds came back more aggressive and donned baskets like other pearls.

A brief hope of return

Slowly, the domination was taking shape, at 13 (43-56, 33 ‘) and the French coach who offers time off to executives with a technical time to try to stem the tide. But the blunders, delays to shoot, lost balls or precipitation were only strengthen opponents, evil under the hoop and bounce (34 against 22 taken after 30 ‘) to pass a late 11-0 3 e quarter and conclude with 21 points ahead …

The mountain was definitely too steep to climb and the replica of 10-0 has a time to keep hope alive, beautiful series continued with an award winning Miyem. With three minutes remaining, the Blue soared, rebounded to 63-76, causing a new technical time US. But the gap was decidedly too large and the late rebellion. 19 points disbursements at the buzzer, but no regrets: they have at least the merit of having taken fourth opponents.

Revenge against Serbia

In any case, they will only go out grown their US experience in these Olympic Games. Matcheront and Saturday 16:30 (French time) for a bronze medal. Conte Serbia. Old acquaintance with whom they have a revenge to take. For their part, the Americans will face Spain four hours later.

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