Lot: A Dog falls into a Ten Metre Hole, Firefighters Come to the Rescue

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Breton Spaniel rescued from hole
Breton Spaniel rescued from hole
Illustration of Breton Spaniel

A Brittany Spaniel has fallen into a very deep hole, at Vaylats, Lot. Firefighters were able to rescue it, unharmed …

The peaceful walk of a man and his dog went wrong on Sunday morning at  Vaylats, a village of about 260 inhabitants in the south of the Lot.  In the field, the young Brittany spaniel suddenly disappeared.  He fell into a hole of about ten meters deep, relate firefighters from the Lot on Facebook.

Le puits à l’arrivée des secours.

Posted by Les Pompiers du Lot on Monday, November 16, 2015

The intervention of firefighters

Alerted by the master, rescuers found the dog to be alive, hearing it from the hole, between six and ten metres underground.  Five men of the Groupement de reconnaissance et d’intervention en milieux périlleux (GRIMP), specialised firefighters from the Lot-et-Garonne/Tarn region, then set up a safety device around the hole one metre in diameter.

A firefighter began the descent into the cavity and reached the spaniel, who was still seemingly, unharmed and then brought him back up.  Local walkers do not need to worry too much.  Since this mishap, the “trap” has been marked to make it visible.

Les membres de l’équipe GRIMP (46 et 82) entourent le jeune épagneul breton.

Posted by Les Pompiers du Lot on Monday, November 16, 2015

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