Drunk, the Reckless Driver tries to outrun the Gendarmes

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Gendarmes chase drunk driver across brittany

Gendarmes chase drunk driver across brittanyA motorist, speeding, fled past a control at the weekend in Plerguer (Ille-et-Vilaine).  He was arrested after 30 minutes of chase.

Driving while intoxicated, without a license, without insurance, failure to comply, violence against law enforcement officers.  These are the numerous alleged offenses a motorist aged 37 years have been charged with after being placed into custody, this weekend.

He drove straight

Last Saturday night, he was travelling at high speed on the road Pontorson – Dinan, north of Ille-et-Vilaine.

The gendarmes of the motorized brigade of Saint-Malo signaled him to a checkpoint.  But the driver, refused and sped on through the checkpoint, with the Gendarmes having to move quickly out of the way to avoid being hit.

Driving shots

A chase was then commenced towards Rennes on the RD 137, then it moved onto the small country roads.  On several occasions, the driver tried to drop the Gendarmes following by swerving and hitting the wheels of the Motorbikes or braking hard.

The car in ditch

His wild ride ended in a small way, in St. Helen (Côtes d’Armor): The man wanted to turn around, but the car slid into a ditch while he was trying the manoeuvre.  He then ran off across country, with the Gendarmes in pursuit.

He was finally arrested in a field, and led to the Gendarmes Headquarters in Saint Malo, where he was tested for alcohol and returned a positive test.

This motorist will be judged, on Monday, by the criminal court of Saint-Malo.

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