Video Released of French Hostage in Yeman

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Video of French Hostage released
Video of French Hostage released
French hostage – Angevine Isabelle Prime before her abduction. | DR

Video of French Hostage released, requesting in English to quickly return to France.  She was abducted on February 24th in Yemen.

It has been reported over the weekend , in Ouest France, that the have had access to a video shot by the kidnappers of Angevine Isabelle Prime , and although they only had access to a short excerpt, it clearly shows a young woman in captivity.  The tired face, dressed in black, of Isabelle Prime, kneeling, says a message directed for the President Francois Hollande:  “Please bring me to France, fast” , she said, probably under the threat of kidnappers (” Please , bring me in France, quickly “ ). The scene is filmed in a desert.

Video authenticated

The video has been authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who continues mediation with the kidnappers in Yemen.

The young woman, Angevine Isabelle Prime, aged 30, was abducted on February 24 in Sanaa, Yemen, where it is still in the hands of a Yemeni tribal group.  The Islamic organization Al Qaeda is also present in the area.

At the Quai d’Orsay, it is ensured that the negotiations with the kidnappers continue.  Arrival in Sana’a in March 2013, Angevine Isabelle prime works for Ayala Consulting, an American consulting company, as part of a project funded by the World Bank.

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