TotalEnergies dangles new discounts at the pump

TotalEnergies Dangles New Discounts at the Pump

HALF PROMISE: The CEO of the Totalenergies group, which made record profits in 2022, conditions these rebates on an end to the strikes against the pension reform TotalEnergies made record profits in 2022. But while diesel is approaching 2 euros per litre, the group dangled French motorists on Wednesday with discounts at the pump. On one condition: that strikes against pension reform, particularly in […]

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The driver who assaulted a blind man in police custody in Paris

Paris: The Driver who Assaulted a Blind Man in Police Custody

At the police station of the 12th arrondissement of Paris, the driver, who assaulted a blind man was taken into custody The video sparked a wave of indignation. A driver who assaulted a blind man and his escort  Sunday in Paris after denying them priority over a pedestrian crossing was placed in custody on Wednesday, police said. Physical […]

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Motorists nearly runs over blind person in Paris then attacks companion

VIDEO: A Motorist Nearly Runs Over a Blind Person and Strikes His Companion

A complaint was lodged against a motorist who had refused priority to a blind person and hit his companion on Saturday 15th June 2019 in Paris. The scene is shocking. A visually impaired person and his companion were attacked by a motorist while they were preparing to cross a pedestrian crossing in the 12th district of Paris, reports Le […]

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In Essonne, motorist got 6 months prison fo dragging a police officer

Essonne: He Gets a Tough Six Months for Dragging a Policeman 10 Metres

For evading a roadside check near Essonne and for dragging a police officer for nearly 10 metres, a 57-year-old man was sentenced to 6 months in prison. During a road check on the Nationale 7 at Athis-Mons, he had fled by dragging a police officer for nearly ten metres, injuring his shoulder.  Read also: Essonne. A motorist refusing a check drags a […]

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In Essonne. A motorist refusing a check drags a policeman on 10 meters

Essonne: A Motorist Refusing a Check Drags a Policeman 10 metres

A road check on the RN7 in Essonne ended with the arrest of a motorist. On the night of Friday to Saturday, the police of Essonne (Île-de-France) carried out a road check on the RN7. At Athis-Mons, they ask a motorist to stop. He refused to stop and be checked, hit a policeman and dragged him 10 metres. Cette nuit […]

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Motorist killed after altercation in Paris: bus driver in prison

Motorist Killed after Altercation in Paris: Bus Driver in Prison

Tuesday 28th May, 2019, in the seventh arrondissement of Paris, the driver of a tourist bus is suspected of having voluntarily crushed a motorist after “exchange of blows” The Bus driver of a tourist bus suspected of having killed a motorist in Paris after an altercation was indicted for murder and imprisoned on Thursday 30th May, 2019, the mayor […]

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A motorist from the Mayenne, without a Licence and Insurance received 5 months in Prison

Mayenne: Five Months Prison for Driving Without a Licence

A motorist who refused to stop for the gendarmes.  Without a licence or insurance, on Wednesday he was given a sentence of five months in prison. A driver from the Mayenne, aged twenty years old, was sentenced on Wednesday by the Criminal Court of Laval to a sentence of five months in prison. He was arrested at […]

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An 80 year motorist was assaulted after a small colision

Nantes: An Elderly Motorist Assaulted after Small Collision

A man aged 83 has received several blows to the head on Sunday … It all started with a slight collision.  Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, in Chanoine Poupard-street not far from the road to Rennes, an 83-year-old motorist was attacked by a driver,30 years old.  The old man had accidentally banged into the car behind, after mis-judging the […]

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