Renaze – Foire Expo 2015

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Renaze Foire Expo

Renaze Foire Expo


Following the success of the Foire Expo last year in Renaze, this years event promises to bigger than last years event and if the weather is good, which it is forecast to be, it should have a very good atmosphere as well.

Once again this years Foire Expo, is being held over 2 Days, the Saturday 30th May and the Sunday 31st May, with over 50 different stalls and demonstrations, food tasting, Childrens face painting etc  taking place in various marquees over the two days.

On the Saturday evening there is a dance with food being served, which if you would like to go, please book your tickets early on to avoid any disappointment, and they will also need to know how much food to prepare as well.  This will then be followed at 11 pm by a Firework display.

On the Sunday, there will be a large Vide Grenier, or boot sale in English, along with even more activities for all ages and dmonstations.

On the sunday, between 11am and 2.30pm there is a local band, based in Bain-de-Bretagne, called Fatras who will be performing G.A.S.T.R.O.N., and comprise of several members playing a variety of instruments to produce a unique but at the same time, a very French sound as well.

Fatras - G.A.S.T.R.O.N.If you fancy going along, it is open on the Saturday from 10am till 7pm, with the meal and dance taking part after the show closes with the Fireworks at 11pm.  On the Sunday the show opens at 10am and closes at 6pm.  Entry is Free, and normally parking isn’t too much of a problem.

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