Edward Snowden Denounces the New Laws in France – Post “Charlie Hebdo”

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Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden – Former NSA employee

According to him, no mass surveillance program has helped prevent terrorist attacks …

Edward Snowden denounces the post-laws Charlie in France. In a lengthy interview published May 22 by The Guardian , the whistleblower who revealed details of millions of citizens spying by the NSA puts particular warn against the responses toterrorism by Hexagon , describing a tragedy.

Mass surveillance programs do not prevent attacks

According to him, no mass surveillance program has helped prevent the attacks in Paris and “if they did, at the cost of an unacceptable degradation of rights.” “We know that for the attack on Charlie Hebdo, one in Canada, one in Australia, all the individuals were identified by the government before the attacks. It’s not for lack of monitoring but monitoring too that we have not been able to understand what was happening, “says Edward Snowden.

He also spoke about the reform to limit the ability of the National Security Agency (NSA) to collect data in the United States, released Saturday by the Senate. This reform presented as a response to the scandal caused by revelations of Edward Snowden there nearly two years.

In France, the National Assembly passed the controversial bill on intelligence that encompasses the black boxes to monitor the Web and find potential terrorists.

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