Wearing a mask made compulsory in 69 municipalities of Mayenne.

Mayenne: Wearing a Mask Made Compulsory in 69 Municipalities

From Monday 3rd August 2020, wearing a mask will become compulsory in 69 municipalities in Mayenne. This measure will no longer be limited to the city centre. The prefecture of Mayenne published a decree this Saturday 1st August. It stipulates that the mask will now be compulsory in 69 municipalities of the department of Mayenne from Monday 3rd August […]

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Twenty markets in Mayenne can now be held after a dispensation from the prefecture

The Prefecture of Mayenne Authorises the Return of the Markets of Bouère and Renazé

Wednesday 29th April 2020, the prefecture of Mayenne authorized the return of the markets of Bouère and Renazé under certain conditions to respect the barrier measures. They are gradually returning to the landscape of towns and villages. Banned due to confinement, several weekly markets are again able to be held. Wednesday 29th April 2020 , the prefecture of […]

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Three cases of Coronavirus Covid-19 detected at Craon-Renazé hospital

Three Cases of Coronavirus Covid-19 Detected at Craon-Renazé Hospital

The local hospital in the southwest of Craon and Renazé in Mayenne drew up an initial assessment of the situation linked to the coronavirus epidemic. And we guess a rise in power. The local hospital in the southwest of Mayenne ( HLSOM ) in Craon and Renazé (Mayenne) drew up a report on April 1, 2020 concerning the situation of the coronavirus epidemic. One hospitalized patient tested positive for Coronavirus Covid-19. He is present at CHLSOM. Two […]

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Two electric charging points in Renazé

Renazé: Two Electric Charging Points Installed on the D 771

ENVIRONMENT: Jean-Yves Bourgine, restaurant manager of Tahiti, in Renazé (Mayenne) offers a possibility of charging for hybrid or electric vehicles Jean-Yves Bourgine, the restaurant manager of Tahiti, situated in Renazé (Mayenne) offers a possibility of charging for hybrid or electric vehicles. The two electrical terminals were installed by Cegelec company that offered the restaurateur service. Customers also […]

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The Super Shiva group will perform at the mediatheque on Saturday in Craon

Craon: The Super Shiva Group at Mediatheque on Saturday

The Tranzistour tour visits the media libraries of Mayenne who have the privilege of receiving the current local scene, in formats alternating musical delivery and discussion time. As part of this tour, the Mediatheque (multimedia library) of the Pays de Craon will host the group Super Shiva this Saturday. At the crossroads of vintage rock and […]

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Children love stories told by the organizers of the new Ribambus which is responsible Navy Oger.

Renazé: A New Manager at Ribambus

CHILDCARE: The traveling crèche “Ribambus” welcomed a new manager. The traveling crèche “Ribambus” welcomed a new manager. Navy replaces Nathalie Oger Bansard in this service attended by 10 to 12 children that can accommodate up to 15. Every month, the public reading network Craon offers animation “Tell carpet” by Sidonie for one hour.Parents interested Ribambus childcare service […]

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The basketball festival in Renazé on the 1st July

Renazé: A Festival to Discover Basketball, July 1st

The basketball club is organizing this event to raise awareness of the sport in the municipality. An acrobatic basketball show will conclude the day. Lafête basketball, organized by the club, will be held Saturday, July 1. On the program, the fourth tournament organized by the club, three players against three. This event is free and open to all, […]

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The programme for the Fete de la Musique in Congrier has been announced

Congrier: The Programme of the Fete de la Musique

The cultural and commercial animation committee of Congrier has met to fix the program of the Fete de la Musique which will take place Saturday 24th June, from 7pm. The program starts with the sax Quartet, Saxez l’Air which offers burlesque and explosive wandering in drawing inspiration from the roots of jazz. Not quite a fanfare and […]

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