Manuel Valls favoured by 70% of French to represent the PS in the 2017 presidential

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Manuel Valls favored by 70% French
Manuel Valls favored by 70% French
Prime Minister Manuel Valls at the Elysee Palace on 29 April – Stephane Sakutin AFP

According to a poll published yesterday in “Le Parisien / Aujourd’hui en France” …

The Prime minister, Manuel Valls will undoubtedly have a little grin of satisfaction when he opened yesterday’s copy of  Le Parisien as according to a survey by the Odoxa institute and published in the newspaper, the prime minister is favoured by 70% of French to represent the Socialist Party in the presidential election in 2017.

In the poll, the opinionis that the Prime Minister is preferred by 70% of respondents while a candidacy of the current head of state, François Hollande, is desired by 24% (6% were undecided).

Valls would not be qualified for the second round

But all the news is not good news for the ruling party, according to the survey as it reveals that no matter who is standing for the President on the left at the next election, they still have no chance of winning.  manuel Valls will have to ask the question is it worth putting himself forward just to lose.

According to the poll, for  voting intentions in the first round of presidential elections, the PS candidate, whoever he is, would come third behind Marine Le Pen and Nicolas Sarkozy and would be eliminated. Manuel Valls  however, would do better than Francois Hollande: he would collect 20% (29% Marine Le Pen and Nicolas Sarkozy 26%) against 17% for the incumbent president (29% for Marine Le Pen and 28% for Nicolas Sarkozy).

Le Pen beaten in all cases

In the second round, Nicolas Sarkozy would win a duel with the president of the Front National (59% against 41% for Marine Le Pen) as with Manuel Valls (52/48). If the second round Le Pen / Valls, the current head of government would win 55% against 45%.

The survey conducted April 29 and 30 among a sample of 1,021 people representative of the French population over 18 (quota method).

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