Was Jean Castex responsible for the Tamiflu vaccine against H1N1 flu

Was Jean Castex Responsible for the Vaccination against H1N1 Influenza in 2009?

A viral message states that the current Prime Minister was adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009 and responsible for the “H1N1 scandal”. Jean Castex only joined the Elysee Palace in November 2010, after the H1N1 flu epidemic Jean Castex adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009 and, as such, responsible for the “H1N1 scandal” and “mass vaccination […]

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A New president for the Republicans hoping to turn the page on defeats

Republicans Elect a New President and Hope to Turn the Page on Defeat

To elect a new president and turn the page on 2017 losses: Les Republicans activists return to the polls to decide Laurent Wauquiez, Florence Portelli and Mael Calan. To elect a new president and turn the page of electoral defeats of 2017: LR activists are called to the polls Sunday to decide Laurent Wauquiez , major favorite, Florence […]

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Hollande and Sarkozy will share plane to the funeral of Shimon Peres

Hollande and Sarkozy share a Plane to attend the Funeral of Shimon Peres

Funeral: The two men had traveled to South Africa separately after the death of Nelson Mandela … Although the conversation will be slow and awkward, The President and former President of the Republic, Francois Hollande and Nicolas sarkozy, will indeed share a plane to attend the funeral of Shimon Peres, reveals the newspaper, Le Parisien. […]

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Nicolas Sarkozy visiting the port of Calais

Calais: Nicolas Sarkozy promises a complete renegotiation of the Le Touquet Agreement

The former tenant of the Elysee, and candidate for the primary of the right to the presidential election of 2017, is visiting Wednesday morning to Calais. After visiting the port in the early morning, Nicolas Sarkozy went to Town Hall for a discussion on the migratory situation in the town. Nicolas Sarkozy visited the port of Calais […]

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Nicolas sarkozy unveils his plans for security in France

Nicolas Sarkozy : The Four Main Points of the “Security Plan”

The leader of the Republicans unveiled its proposals in an interview with Le Parisien … Nicolas Sarkozy unveils his “security Plan”.  The leader of the Republicans details his proposals about policing, justice and the fight against terrorism in an interview with Parisien / Aujourd’hui this forthcoming Tuesday. These are the four major announcements of the former head […]

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Nicolas Sarkozy commenting on the Greek crisis

Nicolas Sarkozy wants to strengthen the “Franco-German leadership”

CURRENCY: “Now it is not the Greek question but the question of the euro zone itself,” said Nice former head of state … Nicolas Sarkozy earler today, Sunday in Nice defended the idea of a “Franco-German leadership at the head of the Eurogroup,” after the Greek crisis, the same day that Francois Hollande outlines a new […]

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Alain Juppe is the preferred candidate over Nicolas Sarkozy

Republican primary : Alain Juppe Preferred over Nicolas Sarkozy

An IFOP poll for the Journal du Dimanche gives Alain Juppé as desired personality to Nicolas Sarkozy as candidate of the Republicans in the 2017 presidential election Alain Juppé (42%) is the desired personality to Nicolas Sarkozy (33%) as a candidate of the Republicans in the presidential election of 2017, for supporters of the right […]

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Manuel Valls favored by 70% French

Manuel Valls favoured by 70% of French to represent the PS in the 2017 presidential

According to a poll published yesterday in “Le Parisien / Aujourd’hui en France” … The Prime minister, Manuel Valls will undoubtedly have a little grin of satisfaction when he opened yesterday’s copy of  Le Parisien as according to a survey by the Odoxa institute and published in the newspaper, the prime minister is favoured by 70% of […]

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Ump to vote on changing the name to "Republicans"

UMP: Sarkozy will vote the members on the name “The Republicans”

The delegate vice president of the party, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, confirmed … The president of the UMP Nicolas Sarkozy will vote the members of his party on the name “The Republicans” on the eve of the May 30 conference, said AFP Sunday Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, confirming a report in the JDD . In an electronic vote on […]

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