Angers: A 10 year old child dies, electrocuted playing with a kite

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Child killed in tragic accident with kite

Child killed in tragic accident with kiteWednesday, the kite hit a power line medium voltage …

Late yesterday, Wednesday afternoon, there was a tragic accident in Angers, when a 10 year old child was out in the company of his mother was playing with a kite, when a tragic accident took the life of the the child, Saulgé-south Hospital of Angers, reports Ouest-France .  After a sudden gust of wind, it blew the kite onto a medium voltage power line, over 10 meters high, creating an electrical arc. The boy fell, unconscious, and died in the evening at the University Hospital of Angers.

According to the regional newspaper, these electrocutions with kites are not so rare. EDF had also published a document warning against the practice of flying kites in the vicinity of overhead power lines.

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