The weather in Nantes will be quite a pleasant day this Tuesday

Weather in Nantes: Bright Sunshine is Forecast for the Afternoon

WEATHER FORECAST: The weather in Nantes should improve during the day. Temperatures will be 9 ° C in the morning and 14 ° C in the afternoon. The weather in Nantes will see clouds in the skies although it will be a pleasant morning. The city will be affected by a southeast wind of 21 km/h. Bright sunshine is […]

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Nantes weather forecast for Saturday 19 December 2020

Weather in Nantes: Forecast for Saturday 19th December 2020

WEATHER FORECAST: Today the sun will be hidden behind clouds. Scattered rains will fall on Nantes. Temperatures will be 12 ° C all day … Nantes, where clouds will remain today, will continue to wait for the sun. A southwesterly wind, recording 22 km/h, will blow. On the other hand, we expect an upturn for this morning. The arrival of the […]

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