Weather in Nantes: Forecast for Saturday 19th December 2020

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Nantes weather forecast for Saturday 19 December 2020

WEATHER FORECAST: Today the sun will be hidden behind clouds. Scattered rains will fall on Nantes. Temperatures will be 12 ° C all day …

Nantes, where clouds will remain today, will continue to wait for the sun. A southwesterly wind, recording 22 km/h, will blow. On the other hand, we expect an upturn for this morning. The arrival of the sun in the afternoon will be delayed by a lot of clouds. Scattered rains will fall. In the evening, the weather will be marked by scattered rains. A rainy sky is expected in the night connecting Saturday and Sunday.

The sun will be desired tomorrow on Nantes, where clouds are well installed. Scattered rains will fall on the city. A drop in temperatures is to be expected. A southwesterly wind will cool the atmosphere slightly. In the morning, clouds will not want to give way to the sun. The sun will struggle to break through the midst of the clouds that will last into the afternoon. The evening will remain grey because of the clouds which persist in the sky. Scattered rains are forecast.

Few changes over the days. Count on 14 ° C on average which will accompany rainy days.

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