Weather in Nantes: Bright Sunshine is Forecast for the Afternoon

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The weather in Nantes will be quite a pleasant day this Tuesday

WEATHER FORECAST: The weather in Nantes should improve during the day. Temperatures will be 9 ° C in the morning and 14 ° C in the afternoon.

The weather in Nantes will see clouds in the skies although it will be a pleasant morning. The city will be affected by a southeast wind of 21 km/h. Bright sunshine is expected in the afternoon. The weather will warm up with an increase of several degrees. In the evening, after a cloudy episode, the wind will gradually move the clouds away. The sky will be clear overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Tomorrow, the sun will gradually take the place of the clouds in Nantes. It is a rise of a few degrees that will experience temperatures. A southerly wind will slightly cool the atmosphere. The sky will clear up in the evening.

The days go by but are not alike. The weather will be changeable in the following days. After a cloudy day on Thursday, an improvement is expected on Friday.

Traffic will be disrupted by weather conditions. It is very important to be vigilant, the visibility and the adhesion of the tires to the road being reduced.

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