Coronavirus in Pays-de-la-Loire: Contamination is On The Rise

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Coronavirus contaminations are on the rise in the Pays-de-la-Loire

EPIDEMIC: The coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic is regaining some ground across the Pays-de-la-Loire, in particular in Sarthe, Mayenne and Maine-et-Loire

The trend is inevitably a little unfortunate a few days before the end of the year holidays. After a month of regression, then a few days of stability, the coronavirus epidemic is on the rise again in the Pays-de-la-Loire region, according to the latest figures unveiled on Friday evening by the regional health agency (ARS). The incidence rate, which measures new contaminations as a proportion of the population, fell in one week from 76 to 88 per 100,000 inhabitants over the entire region. However, it remains well below the national average (123).

This progression is observed in all the departments of the region. But it is especially worrying in Sarthe (incidence rate of 147), in Mayenne (123) and in Maine-et-Loire (100). In Vendée (76) and Loire-Atlantique (56), the incidence rate is increasing but remains at a moderate level.

Hospitalisations are on the rise again

“We will have to be extremely attentive to the consequences of this evolution of the curve”, comments Jean-Jacques Coiplet, regional director of the ARS, insisting on the need to maintain “caution” and “vigilance” during the end of year celebrations. ‘year. The regional health agency is therefore preparing to launch a new communication campaign with the general public.

The recovery on the rise is the same concerning hospitalisations for coronavirus Covid-19: 953 patients are currently in care in hospitals in Pays-de-la-Loire against 923 a week earlier. Fortunately, there are fewer intensive care patients: 73 in the whole region against 84 the previous week. The occupancy of resuscitation beds has been decreasing for nearly a month now.

Some 74 people with the coronavirus died in one week in Pays-de-la-Loire. The death toll now stands at 1,193 deaths in the region, including 580 nursing home residents.

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