Vendée: The Department is Ready for the Opening of its Beaches, says Yves Auvinet

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The Vendée departmental council wants the Vendée beaches to open quickly after deconfinement

The presidents of the departmental council and of Vendée Tourisme, jointly declare that the Vendée is ready, as soon as possible, to open its beaches after deconfinement.

n view of the meeting between the mayors and the sub-prefect of Sables-d’Olonne which took place on Thursday 7th May, following which the Prefect of Vendée, judged in the columns of our colleagues from Ouest- France,  that the proposals of the Vendean elected officials were “satisfactory”.

As well as following the announcements of the Minister of the Interior, having specified that it will be possible to have access to the beaches at the request of the mayors with the authorization of the Prefect, the department of Vendée, via the president of the departmental council, Yves Auvinet and that of Vendée Tourisme, Wilfrid Montassier, officially requests the authorities to open its beaches.

“There is no need to wait. The Vendée is ready, the mayors are ready.”

A decision “totally consistent” for Yves Auvinet and Wilfrid Montassier, in the vein of opening up to public and natural spaces, according to them.

“We ask that everything be done so that all mayors who wish to be able to open access to the beaches very quickly from the moment when the health security conditions comply with the extreme vigilance imposed by the Covid-19. Once these conditions are met and a mayor requests it, there is no reason to wait.”

“We owe it to the Vendeans”

The press release also specifies that a working group must be reconvened quickly to “take action. “

“We owe it to the Vendeans who request it. And it is the best way to prepare the opening of cafes, restaurants, tourist sites and structures that remain closed for the moment and of all those who are impatiently waiting to be able to resume their activity.”

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