Vendée: Cases of Covid-19 Detected in a Company in Essarts-en-Bocage

Local News
4 employees of the Arrivé company, at Essarts-en-Bocage, have just been declared positive at Covid-19.

The prefecture and the Regional Health Agency of Vendée have just confirmed the presence of Covid-19 cases. A screening operation was launched yesterday, Saturday 9th May

In a joint press release, which fell at midday, the Vendée prefecture and the Regional Health Agency state that several employees have tested positive for Covid-19 at one of the company’s sites Arrived, in the town of Essarts-en-Bocage. 

“A major screening operation was launched by the ARS on Saturday 9th May, with employees, says the prefecture.”

4 employees tested positive at Covid-19

261 employees were tested in this way and 4 of them were positive at Covid-19.

“Each person tested positive will be subject to isolation and support by the health authorities, also says the prefecture.”

Which also signals that the work of identifying the subjects at risk contacts has already started this Sunday.

“Anyone considered as a “contact subject” will also be tested and invited to isolate themselves pending the results.”

The press release finally concludes by informing that the second series of approximately 400 samples, intended for the remaining staff, will be carried out this Monday, May 11th, within the company.

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